Redress Workshop - 3 sessions

Shaping garments to become something that you want to wear again. Create something new from your pre-loved garments through a range of great up-cycling ideas and techniques to breathe new life into a wardrobe.

This is a guided workshop for advanced those who complete “Clothing alteration for beginner” or “Introduction to sewing” and “Advance Clothing alteration” or who have years of sewing experience.

Bring your pre-owned garments. Brainstorm recycling ideas, planning and action.

3 sessions (6 hrs) at HKD1650

Flexible schedule from the following, Monday to Saturday:

Morning               10am-12noon

Afternoon               1pm-3pm

Late afternoon       4pm-6pm

Evening                  7pm-9pm

Whatsapp 62558221 to confirm time availability

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