Associate Director at Bank of China International

Rachel took Fashion Design/ Fashion Figure Drawing course.

Pamela Båhre Ebensperger, German-Chilian,

CIA gemologist/Designer and professional model.Pamela took fashion figure Drawing/ Fashion Collection Building/Portfolio Development and Bag design-and-making course with ITS, moreover, she got to the final round of ITS Fashion Project competition.

She mentioned “even though I am a jewelry designer learning about clothing is related and makes things easier”

Carol Siu. Graduated from Central Saint Martin, UK with honour. She spent a year working as a designer at Emanuel Ungaro, Italy. Then moved to HK to work for Interior company. However, she was motivated to launch her own labels. As she wants her signature to be “hand-made” She decided to attend ITS Fashion Courses to learn comprehensive practical skills beyond drawing and sketching and to understand how to move ideas to a practical level.

I’m a fashion savvy professional, who has lived, studied and worked across Asia since 2002.

Originally from Sweden, my family had a small fashion business so I grew up helping my parents with fashion shows, buying trips, sales etc. I loved it from the start and have continued my international career within Buying and Product Development.

I came to Fa as I wanted to learn practically NOT theoretically how to bring product ideas into beautiful garments. I have learned everything from pattern making, fashion illustration to sewing, and in than less than one year I can now make my own high quality garments. My dream has always been to run a small label, and with the skills learned at ITS that dream is coming closer and closer.

Product Development team from PUMA company.

Taking basic pattern making course with Fa Harrington

LO Tse Lam / Sandy

Graduate with a BA Honour’s degree of Industrial Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University; and a Diploma in Packaging design from IVE. 8 years of work in bag/cut and sew product design, experience of retail brand product and OEM/ODM product.

Products include: casual bags, computer bag, outdoor sport bags, fashion bags, home products. Now works as a Designer.

Why ITS?

I was looking for a course which offers mostly workshop time, so that I can have a chance to hand make. I need a person who is ready to share his/her own experience in hand making, not just giving a lecture like I had in tertiary education. ITS is definitely the choice, and now it is my opportunity to share valuable experience.

In my past working experience, I had been doing design by drawing without understanding construction, this caused many problems during making the physical bag sample and in product production.

My dream of fashion is create my own style, become a good craftsman and designer.

Nathan Mio, 2nd year student from Central Saint Martins, UK. He is one of many students that Fa admires his creativity.

He came back for 2 summers to take advanced blouse-making course and Jacket-making courses.

Stephanie 2nd year student from Parson School of Design, New York. She attended the Fashion Figure Drawing course as she wanted to master her skills and complete the school’s assignment during holiday.

Jasmin Miao now studying at London College of Fashion, UK. She has taken almost every fashion course at ITS Fashion. She first came, when she was only 14 yrs old.

Here what she says: I have gained a lot from the courses! I have learnt so many invaluable techniques from Fa, such as making a skirt, dress, blouse and the basic steps for achieving high quality garment details (bound button holes, welt pockets, etc) But not only have I gained in that area, I have also improved in my confidence. My confidence and motivation to do well in my designs and fulfilling my ambition has sky-rocketed


I think Fa is a great teacher! She is really hands-on yet she lets you become more independent with discovering and practicing new and old techniques. It’s great because she really knows what she is talking about and it isn’t hard to see that she has great experience in the industry – that and her teaching techniques are a great combination!”

Tanja Buchholtz

Tanja came to learn from ITS Fashion Project when she was a student at German Swiss International School who has an interest in fashion and has taken part in two fashion shows to date…


Now she is at Parson School of Design, NY

What she said:

“In February I took part in our school’s fashion show, VERVE, and that’s when i became really interested in fashion. I figured the first step is learning how to sew. My mum and I found the courses through google. We were looking for sewing classes that are taught in English and came upon the ITS website.It’s a valuable extra curricular for me, especially because I want to work in the fashion industry some day. I’ve learned how much work is put into garment-making – there’s a lot more to it than i thought.”

Tanja says that what she has learned will help her career in fashion.

“Fa is a really good teacher, I’ve learned so much. Plus, she’s INCREDIBLY good at sewing :) It’s encouraged me to complete every course.”

Emma Greis, came to us when she was a high-school student from Hong Kong International school. But Now she is studying at London College of Fashion, UK. She took fashion figure drawing, Fashion collection building and sewing courses.

What her mother said: I would like to thank you for all your help in arranging Emma’s classes.

They where all very helpful.

Can you send me a copy showing Emma finished the classes.

Thanks again

Please also thank Fa, Emma enjoy her as a teacher.

Lana Greis

Gloria Salvia – Gloria worked in the Food & Beverage Industry for 12 years ,then one day she realized she wanted to do something different,

“I found the ITS website looking for a learning school for a short course related to fashion. I enrolled initially for basic sewing in February 2012 . Since then I have learned different courses and techniques about Quality of Garment , Sewing , Pattern Making and Illustration. It is very inspiring to me and I am continue to enroll in other courses. Our teacher Ms. Fa is very experienced in this industry, and has taught me many different skills and techniques which I enjoy and respect. I have found the course very hands – on and encouraging to students. The course pushes us all to improve . I feel I am now capable to design and make my own garments. I am thankful to ITS for gaining knowledge and new ideas in Fashion Design. I am now more confident and motivated to continue my dream career in fashion”

Grace has dreamt of pursuing fashion design ever since she was a little girl. And though life has taken her in different directions, she continues to pursue this dream. Born and raised in China, Grace left her native country in 2003 to study in the US. After obtaining her graduate degree, she moved to New York City to begin a career in finance. She worked there for 5 years before she moved to Hong Kong in 2011. Now she works as a sales trader at an investment bank. In her spare time, Grace studies skirt-making, dress-making and fashion drawing at ITS. She is influenced by her grandfather’s teachings of Chinese culture, and strives to incorporate this into her designs. And Grace longs to be like her grandmother, a woman who creates beautiful clothes for her family and friends.

Name: FIOT Guillemette, Nationality: French

Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University

I wanted to learn to sew clothes for myself and my son. In the class I was learning how to Sew skirt, blouse, draw pattern on a beginner level.

What I have found out about Fa as a teacher is that sometimes she is a bit tough and scary, she gives you the impression not to be nice, but when you know her better she is very friendly, nice and professional.

Triumph Lingerie Company We have welcomed the designers from Triumph Lingerie Company: Amanda- has taken Magic Japanese Pattern Making and Garment Finishing course.-Brenda has taken Intermediate Dress-making course.