Fa's exclusive products

A range of products designed and hand-made by Fa
x Cotton striped wrapped dress. 35 HKD
x Black White Tunic 88 HKD
x Stunning purple dress 125 HKD
x Jade Jumpsuit 125 HKD
x Funky playful print dress 58 HKD
x Tribal print tunic 65 HKD
x Yellow Floral print dress 75 HKD
x Chiffon pink tunic. (Sold) 45 HKD
x Greek princess maxi dress 85 HKD
x Blue print tunic. 88 HKD
x Printed top with sexy back 55 HKD
x Tie dye sleeveless top. (Sold) 58 HKD
x Pink tie dye, hand-painted top 55 HKD
x Lime Green wrapped dress 125 HKD
x Kimono sleeve, wrapped dress 130 HKD
x One of a kind orange bikini 72 HKD
x Cross strapped Swimming suit 72 HKD
x Black & White Swimming Suit 98 HKD
x Sexy Side Bikini 74 HKD
x Sexy Peek Poo Blue Swimsuit 98 HKD