Leather Shoe Making Workshop - 10 sessions

Learn how to assemble leather into shoe panels, lasting the shoe upper to the shoe last and attaching the outsoles. Simple panels design can be adopted in the selected footwear style. Prepare own materials, tools and shoe last (will be briefed in the first lesson). Must have the prior knowledge and skill of sewing or have completed the course “Introduction to sewing”.

Lesson 1-2 Shoe pattern making, material preparation and apply simple design 
Lesson 3-4 Leather cutting and testing seams 
Lesson 5-6 Assembling leather panels and preparing shoe upper 
Lesson 7-8 Lasting and shaping the upper into the shoe last 
Lesson 9-10 Finishing, edge painting and sole attaching

10 sessions (20hrs)

Flexible schedule from the following, Monday to Saturday:

Morning               10am-12noon

Afternoon               1pm-3pm

Late afternoon       4pm-6pm

Evening                  7pm-9pm

Whatsapp 62558221 to confirm time availability