Fashion 4 Kids T-shirt Workshop 3 sessions

Each child will be given a t-shirt to design and selection of paints trims and beads to share among the class (max 6 children). T-shirt is an enjoyable project in which children learn how to bring art into fashion while fostering teamwork. By the end of the class, children will also have their own unique and innovative t-shirt to bring home. All materials will be provided. 

每個孩子將獲得一件T恤衫,他們將會自己設計,並通過使用紡織顏料,珠子,花邊,亮片等材料,完成一件獨具自己風格的T恤衫(最多6名學生)。T恤衫設計與製作是一個愉快的項目,孩子們學習如何將藝術融入時尚,同時促進團隊合作。 到課程結束時,孩子們將會有自己獨特的創新T恤衫帶回家。(我們將會提供所有材料)

3 sessions (4.5 hours)

Flexible schedule from the following, Monday to Saturday:

Morning               10am-12noon

Afternoon               1pm-3pm

Late afternoon       4pm-6pm

Evening                  7pm-9pm

Whatsapp 62558221 to confirm time availability